Tufts Health Plan CEO Tom Croswell on value based care (podcast)


Tufts Health Plan CEO Tom Croswell is a veteran of the health plan world. I sat down with him recently to discuss value based care, collaboration, diversity and how Tufts tries to set itself apart in a crowded market. Tufts is best known for serving Massachusetts but is also expanding into neighboring states. It has a joint venture in New Hampshire and just announced its entry into Connecticut in partnership with Hartford HealthCare.


  • (0:08) What’s the outlook for value based care? Have the attacks on Obamacare taken a toll?
  • (1:15) Tufts got started in a value based way. Say more about that history.
  • (3:55) You talked about partnering. Who are the partners? How do you work with them?
  • (5:29) Do health plans need to take an adversarial role with providers? Does your collaborative approach actually work?
  • (7:42) Does collaboration just work in Eastern Massachusetts? Or can it work more universally, including your new market of Connecticut?
  • (8:59) Let me ask you about a couple of other buzzwords: diversity and inclusion. What do those words mean to you?
  • (11:02) Are there particular things you do at Tufts on diversity and inclusion related to your own workforce?
  • (12:36) Can you measure the impact of your policies and activities?
  • (13:54) Are you optimistic or pessimistic about 2018?
  • (15:00) How do you think about differentiating Tufts Health Plan from all the other strong players out there?

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of Health Business Group.

March 5, 2018

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