Boston Globe quotes David Williams re:Partners name change

Partners HealthCare is changing its name to Mass General Brigham, saying goodbye to a name loved by exactly no one. The Boston Globe quoted David Williams about the change in In major rebranding, Partners HealthCare changes name to Mass General Brigham

David E. Williams, president of the consulting firm Health Business Group, said Partners’ hospitals might be able to rally around a new common name.

“It won’t change anything by itself, changing the names,” he said. “But if it’s part of trying to do an integration, it might have meaning.”

But he also questioned whether the initiative will be worth the costs.

“If it gets to the point where a nonprofit is contemplating $100 million to change its name, it tells you something is wrong. That’s a fairly wasteful exercise,” he said.

David also explored the topic in more detail on the Health Business Blog.


December 9, 2019