Observer quotes David Williams on Tesla’s prospects during pandemic

Car sales are plummeting around the globe, yet Tesla sales –and its stock– are holding up for now.  It’s not exactly a healthcare story, but the Observer cited David Williams as a source anyway, in Tesla Seems Immune to Coronavirus’ Blow to Automobile Sales –But Is It?

“Although Tesla is not completely insulated from the downturn, I do believe that their situation is unique and they will be able to sell everything they make,” David Williams, president of Health Business Group, a management consulting firm, told Observer. Last week, Williams placed an order for a Tesla Model Y, “even though I don’t know when it will arrive or what the economy will be like at that time,” he said. “It’s a combination of wanting something fun and innovative and wanting to reduce my carbon footprint. I think my situation is typical of Tesla customers.”

April 22, 2020