Interview with Solarity CTO Chez Tschetter

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Solarity CTO Chez Tschetter

As CTO and CIO of Solarity, Chez Tschetter enables major health systems that use Epic and Cener to share medical records with one another, efficiently and accurately. Solarity’s medical record indexing solutions use technologies like optical character recognition, natural language processing and machine learning to swiftly organize and share binders of patient information for better care. Despite what you might assume, EMRs don’t do a good job of electronically sharing information with one another. And that’s where Solarity comes in.

The pandemic has upped the ante for fast and accurate sharing of patient information, and Solarity has also figured out how to implement remotely, so it’s been all systems go since COVID’s arrival.

Chez grew up in South Dakota and likes the place so much that he’s recruited more than 100 Solarity IT staff to join him there. In this episode of the HealthBiz podcast, Chez shares his personal and business journey along with a couple of book recommendations: Where Does It hurt? by Jonathan Bush and Why We Sleep By Matthew Walker.

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By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of Health Business Group.

August 26, 2021

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