Trusting the Moment author Jeannie Lindheim on unlocking creativity (podcast)

Jeannie Lindheim, author of Trusting the Moment: Unlocking Your Creativity and Imagination is one of the most dynamic and creative people I’ve ever known. I first met Jeannie 10 years ago when I attended a non-profit board recruiting event and instantly bonded with her and her professionally trained volunteer hospital clown troupe. Jeannie has a way of connecting with and empowering people that she’s built over a 30-year career as a teacher of acting, movement, creativity and improvisation.

I’m not the only one who thinks highly of Jeannie. The Boston Celtics proclaimed her one of the “Heroes Among Us,” she won Magic 106.7’s Exceptional Woman Award and she was featured in the book Be Happy at Work: 100 Women Who Love Their Jobs, and Why.

For years people have been encouraging Jeannie to share her techniques more broadly and she’s finally done it with this book, which includes 50 exercises to boost cohesiveness and creativity. It’s a great resource for group leaders of all kinds as well as individuals.

In this podcast interview Jeannie shares the thinking behind the book and explains some of the exercises. One of the groups Jeannie has worked with a lot is doctors, and her insights into how physicians can learn to improve their listening skills is especially insightful.

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