Castlight president discusses new pharmacy and health plan offerings

Health care transparency leader Castlight Health has launched a tool to manage pharmacy costs and signed its first deal with a health plan: Harvard Pilgrim. In this podcast interview, Castlight president John Driscoll and I discuss:

  • What the new pharmacy tool adds to the offerings already on the market from health plans and PBMs
  • Why the first health plan customer is in a market (Massachusetts) that’s already a leader in transparency
  • The role of health care providers in the transparency movement



3 thoughts on “Castlight president discusses new pharmacy and health plan offerings”

  1. Unless the sourcing and supply issues are resolved so that market forces can determine drug pricing then all the domestic hand waving on how to deliver the benefit are mute. It is a matter of authentication throughout the supply chain at pricing consistent with pricing paid in Canada and on American Indian Reservations. The U.S. is an artificial pricing bubble that is bursting. All other compliance and diagnostic issues can be addressed without the pricing drag.

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