Vote Ed Markey for Senate

If you live in Massachusetts and are registered to vote, please consider casting your ballot for Ed Markey in the special election on Tuesday, June 25. Markey has been an effective Congressman and his positions on the issues are well articulated and intelligent.

Markey’s web page lays out his positions on key issues including health care:

  • Voted for Obamacare and supports its implementation
  • Supports women’s health including coverage for preventive screenings and contraception. He is pro-choice and supports NIH research on women’s health issues
  • Opposes the Ryan voucher plan for Medicare
  • Favors full funding for Medicaid
  • Supports NIH funding
  • Has taken a leadership role in addressing Alzheimer’s
  • Supports home-based care for seniors
  • Promotes development of pediatric medical devices
  • Supports mental health parity

Markey has also spelled out detailed and well-reasoned views on other issuesthat matter for Massachusetts and the nation including climate change, education, the environment, immigration, LGBT, national security, technology, and veterans.

The positions taken by Republican candidate Gabriel Gomez are much more superficial. Take a look at Gomez’s issues pageif you don’t believe me. Here’s the totality of what he has to say about health care:

“Access to quality, affordable health care is a goal on which both sides of the political aisle can agree.

So-called solutions like Obamacare only address part of the problem, while ignoring or compounding the underlying costs of health care.

States should be free to design their own programs, just as we did here in Massachusetts.”

Turnout  in this election is projected to be low, so your vote counts more than usual.

Please join me in helping elect Ed Markey.

2 thoughts on “Vote Ed Markey for Senate”

  1. Do you support Obamacare because it’s good for your business? That is the only possible reason; creating a more opaque health care system that is further removed from transparency in pricing for the patient is exactly the wrong direction to go in. Ed Markey is a career politician who has never had a real job and has been living off the tax payer for the past 37 years. If you really care about the country you would be voting to change the status-quo; a vote for Markey is a double down on the deficit-busiting policies of the past decade.

  2. Thanks, Ken. We seem to have different world views so I don’t expect my reply to persuade you of anything. Nevertheless, for the benefit of other readers:

    I support Obamacare because it takes us toward more universal coverage by building on the existing system and emphasizing quality and cost containment.

    We had a balanced budget under President Clinton with surpluses as far as the eye could see. Under President Bush, the Republican-led Congress cut revenues and increased spending. The financial market blow-up occurred on his watch.

    The ARRA stimulus was needed to get us out of the mess and it added to the deficit.

    We have two choices in the election: to me Ed Markey is far and away the better choice.

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