Even invincibles want health insurance

Young adults are often uninsured. Although some may take their good health for granted and consider themselves “invincible” that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in health insurance. A new study by the Center for Studying Health System Change found that only 22 percent consider themselves “healthy enough” that they don’t need health insurance. The real issue is the cost of insurance, something that the Affordable Care Act is designed to address through rules and subsidies.

From the press release:

“Even among uninsured young people who call themselves risk-takers, most say that going without health insurance is one risk they don’t want to take,” said Kathy Hempstead, senior program officer at RWJF. “These results show that demand for coverage is strong, even in this challenging demographic. The challenge for the marketplaces will be to meet this demand by providing these “young invincibles” with products they can afford. If they do, that will benefit everyone.”

One thought on “Even invincibles want health insurance”

  1. The way it works now — the invincible has an appendicitis. They go the the ER, get emergency surgery, go home, don’t pay their bills, have no assets, and either the hospital writes off the encounter as bad debt and/or forces the invincible into bankruptcy. The loss is adjusted into operating cost so later negotiated fees to insurance companies increase. Thus, the hospital bill is eventually paid by those who have insurance — they don’t know it, they don’t realize it is a tax, and they think the marketplace is great. The ACA makes this underground payment system go away — those costs now are on display — they are not new.

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