#HIMSS14 first impressions

The exhibit hall at the Health Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS) 2014 conference is pretty humungous. Even with tens of thousands of people milling around there’s still plenty of elbow room. The central part of the floor is dominated by the huge booths (some with two levels) of the industry giants. Those booths are pretty informative and impressive.

Yet I enjoy starting off by exploring the outskirts of the hall where the small booths reside. This is an admittedly hit or miss approach, but there are some real gems among the exhibitors. It’s always a learning experience for me.

A few of the interesting companies I met today for the first time are:

  • PatientSafe Solutions (booth 3983) a point-of-care mobile solution that integrates positive patient identification workflows into existing EHRs by using a modified iPhone
  • Applied Pathways (booth 3989), which offers a cloud-based platform to enable clinicians and business analysts to develop and curate clinical rules and to implement custom workflows without IT support
  • Condusiv Technologies (booth 3392) whose software improves hardware performance, e.g., by optimizing input/output processes– thus reducing the need to add expensive new gear
  • IMAT Solutions (booth 3792), an advanced data aggregation, analysis and reporting company

I’m sure there are many more interesting companies I haven’t met yet. I look forward to finding some of them over the next couple days.

By health care business consultant David E. Williams, president of the Health Business Group.

2 thoughts on “#HIMSS14 first impressions”

  1. Why did these 4 companies grab your attention? I follow a more niche view of health care so I am not sure I understand how they are solving problems in health care and why you think they factor.

  2. @Mat I represent Condusiv, so I can’t speak to the other three. Our V-locity acceleration software doubles or even triples EHR/EMR performance on applications like MEDITECH without adding any additional hardware. It’s a 100% software approach to improving performance, and healthcare has become our fastest growing vertical.

    There is a published case study on our website around Hancock Regional Hospital. Before doing an expensive rip-and-replace of their underlying SAN architecture to improve EMR performance, they decided to try V-locity first. Whereas they could only load 2 patient records in 7 seconds, V-locity enabled them to load 4 in 6 seconds. That gave them all the performance they needed on the hardware infrastructure they already have.

    You can see this and more at http://www.condusiv.com

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