HelloMD helps patients with cash jump the line for better treatment

Mark Hadfield, HelloMD CEO and founder
Mark Hadfield, HelloMD CEO and founder

Mark Hadfield makes no bones about the fact that the US is moving to a two-tiered medical system, where those with the means to pay more get better, faster treatment. His company, HelloMD helps in-demand doctors –mainly specialists– opt out of the third-party reimbursement system and serve the more lucrative, cash-paying patients.

In this podcast interview, Hadfield describes how his company is addressing the high end of the market. He explains how HelloMD fits in the broader ecosystem of concierge practices, medical tourism and high-deductible plans. And he shares HelloMD’s geographically-focused strategy to build a marketplace to serve its niche.

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams of the Health Business Group


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  1. So I hope that Mr Hadfield never finds himself in the position of having an acute, severe, but uncommon medical problem and unable to see a specialist in a timely way because people richer than he is have bid for all the earlier appointments.

    For what it is worth, this idea seems totally at odds with medical ethics, and doctors who sign up for it could be in violation of any existing contracts they have with health insurance companies.

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