Sustainability for non-profits

non profit

Non-profit and multi-stakeholder organizations face difficult challenges in sustaining themselves over the long term. Typical challenges include reliance on a dominant funder, freeloading, individual stakeholders who slow things down, restrictions on use of data, difficulty attracting and maintaining senior level representation from members, governance –including getting board members to act in the interests of the collaborative rather than representing their employers’ views, and shifting policy environments that threaten to make existing programs outdated. Tight budgets and lean staffing are a common struggle, and organizational leaders are frequently medical or technical experts with only modest business experience.

Health Business Group helps its clients develop solid business strategies that enable them to pursue their missions. Some organizations are able to stick to one business model over a long time period, but most need to evolve with the times and develop the agility to shift funding sources and models to anticipate and react to changes in the environment.

We have developed a national reputation for our sustainability work, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has published our guide, entitled Developing a Sustainable Business Model.