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Concierge Cardiology: podcast interview with Wayne Lipton

January 5th, 2017 by


Wayne Lipton runs Concierge Choice Physicians, which converts traditional physician offices to “hybrid”concierge practices that provide new options for patients and increase physician income. While we typically hear about concierge practices in primary care, the model is expanding to other specialties.

In this podcast interview, Wayne and I discuss the hybrid concierge model for cardiology:

  • (0:11) What is a typical cardiologist’s practice like these days and how has it changed?
  • (1:01) How have the practice changes worked out for physicians and patients?
  • (1:48) Do patients with cardiac issues use their cardiologist as primary care physicians or do they still maintain primary care relationships?
  • (3:06) Within primary care we’ve seen a shift toward concierge models. Why haven’t we seen that in the specialties?
  • (4:22) What is a hybrid model like? Does a physicians have to remember when they are acting as a concierge versus the traditional hamster wheel model?
  • (6:15) Are a lot of the cardiology concierge patients also concierge primary care patients?
  • (8:26) How does a concierge cardiology practice differ from a concierge primary care practices? How do the economics compare?
  • (11:08) What do health plans think of concierge medicine? What is the impact on new models of reimbursement?
  • (13:37) Would a practice that added on a hybrid model be more or less attractive to an ACO? Would the practices want to participate?
  • (15:50) How broad is the opportunity to add this model in cardiology? Are other specialties also ripe?
  • (18:29) How do you implement?
  • (21:35) How does your company get paid?

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of Health Business Group.

SignatureMD converts practices to the concierge model (podcast)

February 26th, 2016 by
Getting docs off the hamster wheel

SignatureMD helps physician practices convert to a concierge model. Their approach is a little different in that they offer a hybrid model that doesn’t involve kicking any patients out of the practice.

I caught up recently with founder and CEO Matthew A. Jacobson. Here’s what I asked him.

  1. (0:18) On-demand medicine is growing fast. There is a lot of excitement about bringing an Uber-type approach to healthcare. I love Uber, so what’s wrong with applying the Uber model to healthcare?
  2. (1:24) You convert practices to concierge practices. What happens when a doctor converts their practice to SignatureMD? What happens to the physician? What happens to the patient?
  3. (3:05) Besides reducing the number of patients, is there any technology or other approach that’s used to boost performance? Or is it really just about reducing the number of patients a physician is responsible for?
  4. (3:55) What happens to physician income when they make the shift?
  5. (4:55) When you radically reduce the number of patients a physician is responsibility for, does that harm patients by exacerbating the physician shortage?
  6. (6:07) Will the emergence of concierge medicine increase the number of new doctors going into primary care?
  7. (7:21) On your website it says only one of eight physicians you interview is invited to join your team? Why do so few physicians make it all the way down the path?
  8. (8:35) A lot is changing in healthcare. How will value based payments affect SignatureMD?
  9. (9:22) How has your offering evolved? How do you expect primary care to evolve?

Image courtesy of saphatthachat at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of Health Business Group.

HelloMD helps patients with cash jump the line for better treatment

July 15th, 2014 by
Mark Hadfield, HelloMD CEO and founder
Mark Hadfield, HelloMD CEO and founder

Mark Hadfield makes no bones about the fact that the US is moving to a two-tiered medical system, where those with the means to pay more get better, faster treatment. His company, HelloMD helps in-demand doctors –mainly specialists– opt out of the third-party reimbursement system and serve the more lucrative, cash-paying patients.

In this podcast interview, Hadfield describes how his company is addressing the high end of the market. He explains how HelloMD fits in the broader ecosystem of concierge practices, medical tourism and high-deductible plans. And he shares HelloMD’s geographically-focused strategy to build a marketplace to serve its niche.

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams of the Health Business Group