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Provider engagement: Quantia touts the key to unlock health system and pharma success

July 9th, 2014 by
Mike Coyne, Quantia CEO
Mike Coyne, Quantia CEO

In this podcast interview, Quantia’s CEO Mike Coyne and I discuss what it means to engage healthcare providers and why it matters so much in today’s world of employed physicians and accountable care models. Quantia’s been at the provider engagement game for several years, until recently mostly on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, which has long understood the power of engagement.

Recently Quantia launched its Provider Alignment Platform for Health Systems, which Mike describes.

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams of the Health Business Group

Physician ratings edge closer to the mainstream

April 18th, 2014 by

Doctor ratings and reviews have gotten a bad name, especially from doctors. There are concerns about their validity and usefulness. And while I share these worries I also believe ratings and reviews are important and have the potential to become much more prominent and useful over time.

I’m encouraged that some healthcare providers are reversing course and starting to publish ratings and reviews on their own websites. University of Utah is doing it, the Cleveland Clinic is considering following along, and others are also starting to think about it (Hospitals get into doc rating business).

That’s a good sign that patient reviews are going mainstream. We’ll be even better informed once the sites include other information that’s becoming available, such as the recently released Medicare claims data and complementary data on quality and cost from the private market, such as information that will be provided by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation-sponsored DOCTOR Project.

By healthcare consultant David E. Williams of the Health Business Group