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HealthCare SocialMedia Review #53

May 14th, 2014 by
All the news that's fit to link
All the news that’s fit to link

Welcome one and all to the 53rd running of the HealthCare SocialMedia Review #HCSM. Social media in healthcare is going more and more mainstream, so there’s plenty of good new stuff to profile.

Bad hair day? Wax Impressions offers advice on how to handle a social media crisis. Hint: Don’t wait around doing nothing!

Type a doctor’s name into Google and chances are you’ll find dozens of links, many for physician ratings sites. What’s a poor practice to do to exert some influence on the message? Joe Chierotti has some practical ideas.

Twitter’s new profile has implications for marketers, including those in healthcare. Marie Ennis-O’Connor explains what’s new and what one should do.

Doctors’ lounges are pretty empty these days, but cloud-based lounge equivalents show some promise for keeping up with the latest medical knowledge (and gossip, too). Practice Fusion’s blog advises docs to get their own e-librarian, be social, and gamify.  Gamify? I thought that was something you did at the gym.

Whether docs are into it or not the drug pushers are trying gamification with consumers. Zyrtec has a Facebook App that lets allergy sufferers walk a fake dog through a fake park, reports Create Conversation. I wonder if we’ll see any of the generic makers of Zyrtec (cetirizine) put out a cut-rate version of the app, perhaps in black and white.

And finally, MD Connect share five ways docs can used LinkedIn to market their practices. Good stuff.

That’s it for today! Sam Welch at brandgagement is up next!

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams of the Health Business Group