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Care transitions: Interview with Curaspan CEO Tom Ferry

April 15th, 2015 by
Tom Ferry, Curaspan co-founder and CEO
Tom Ferry, Curaspan co-founder and CEO

When Tom Ferry co-founded Curaspan back in 1999, discharge planning wasn’t the sexiest arena for a Harvard MBA to jump into. But he was on to something because 15 years later “transitions of care” is a mainstream term, there is a major focus on readmissions prevention, and post-acute care is universally recognized as the greatest opportunity for cost savings. Curaspan is right in the thick of it.

Though we both live in Boston, I met up with Tom at the #HIMSS15 conference in Chicago. Curaspan is exhibiting at HIMSS for the first time, and its booth is seeing a steady stream of traffic. In this podcast interview, Tom discusses the importance of care transitions and how Curaspan plays a role in addressing the challenges.

  1. Why are transitions of care important? (0:08)
  2. How does the hospital discharge process typically work? How should it work? (0:42)
  3. There is tremendous variation in cost and quality in post acute care. Why? (1:23)
  4. What role are new payment arrangements such as ACOs and bundled payments having on the discharge process? (1:53)
  5. Hospitals are typically paid on a DRG basis for what happens in the hospital. If we move to an episode based system what will happen to post-acute providers such as skilled nursing facilities? (2:41)
  6. Do you plan to incorporate data and analytics to determine where a patient should go based on their individual characteristics? (3:42)
  7. How do patient and family engagement play into the discharge process? (5:16)
  8. Why did you start Curaspan? How has the concept evolved since then? (6:25)
  9. What products and services do you offer on the Curaspan platform? (7:23)
  10. What are your objectives for the HIMSS conference? (8:42)

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of Health Business Group.

VitalHealth introduces an EHR for optometrists

July 24th, 2013 by

The Mayo Clinic and Noaber Foundation of the Netherlands have collaborated to develop a cloud based, tablet-enabled, user friendly electronic health record (EHR) for small physician practices. The company they created, VitalHealth Software is now introducing an optometry EHR, offered exclusively by their partner VisionWeb as “Uprise.”

Optometrists are eligible for Meaningful Use incentives, but their workflows and practice patterns do not lend themselves to the use of the typical systems that are on the market.

In this podcast interview, VitalHealth executive Blair Butterfield discusses the needs of optometrists, explains VitalHealth’s relationship with eye care company Essilor and distribution partner VisionWeb, and describes the interoperability needs and how they can be addressed.