What makes us different

There are many fine healthcare consulting firms equipped with bright staff members, robust consulting frameworks, and impressive client lists. We have all of that, but there are a few things that make us stand out.

  • Our team members have an average of 15 years of deep healthcare industry experience and extensive professional networks. These are the consultants who actually collect the data and perform the analysis, which is a major differentiator from the big firms that rely on junior staff to do the work. Many of our clients are former partners at major consulting firms and they recognize the benefits of our model.
  • Our team structures are flexible and we can ramp up projects very quickly. We manage our capacity by maintaining a balanced portfolio of long-term retainer relationships, medium term strategy projects and quick turnaround due diligence work. This allows us to smooth out the peaks and valleys and still take on rush jobs when they come up. Our most common team structure is three or four consultants devoting part-time to a specific engagement, but we have staffed projects ranging from one part-time person to seven nearly full time. When we need to tap specific expertise or capacity that we lack in house, we draw from our extensive networks of former colleagues and freelancers.
  • We place a major emphasis on primary data gathering, which we see as they key to differentiated insights. Our consultants use their connections and expertise to gain information from customers, peers of our clients and industry experts through telephonic and in-person interactions. We use secondary sources and our proprietary databases to form hypotheses and generate a base of knowledge, but often obtain hard-to-find, and more nuanced information through direct discussions.

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