Business strategy

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Business strategy is our core offering. Typical engagements range from three to six months. We begin with an internal assessment to understand an organization’s history, ambitions, and capabilities and to develop hypotheses for external data gathering. The data gathering includes an assessment of the overall market environment, customer needs, and the competitive environment. We rely on secondary sources such as market research and analyst reports to provide the foundation and then conduct interviews with customers, peers of our clients, and experts to delve deeper.

We assemble the results of the data gathering into a fact base to get everyone involved in the project from the client and the consulting team on the same page. From there, we work closely with the client to understand the implications of the fact base, identify strategic options, develop criteria to evaluate the options, and to select the most robust option. We call what we do “applied strategy,” meaning that while we are conceptual and creative in our thinking, we always focus on developing an approach that the client can implement successfully.

The deliverables from a typical strategy engagement include the fact base, a strategic or business plan, financial model that the client can build on once the engagement has ended, an implementation plan, and a communications plan.