Due diligence for transactions

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Mergers, acquisitions and investments are risky endeavors and it is impossible for an investor or acquirer to know everything before committing. Health Business Group helps to validate investment hypotheses and improve clarity about a company’s prospects through commercial due diligence. We interview the target’s customers and competitors, consult with regulatory experts and industry observers, analyze secondary data sources, and leverage our extensive internal knowledge base.
Most importantly, we focus specifically on what our clients need to know before they write a significant check. And we are not afraid to speak up and advise that a deal does not make sense if that’s what we believe, even when that’s not what our client wants to hear.
Our teams are experienced and flexible, and because of our mix of long-term projects and retained relationships we are able to provide surge capacity when short turnaround diligence assignments arise. We turn down assignments when we are over committed, but usually we are able to put a high-caliber diligence team together on short notice to meet tight deadlines.